Technorati breaking away, leaving Google behind in the dust

First published on the Compete Blog on 5-April-2007

Yes, Technorati is still very much the most visited blog search engine.

Earlier this week Technorati self reported Q1 numbers – they grew page views by 150% and unique visitors 141%. The bigger question however — how does this growth compare to the #2 player in this space – Google Blog Search?

As you can see, according to Compete data, Technorati grew monthly unique visitors 91% and pageviews 138% in Q1. During the same time period, Google grew unique visitors by only 39% and pageviews by 47%. In both absolute and relative terms, Technorati is dominating Google.

In terms of where we our Attention is going, it’s the same story, Technorati is growing at a significantly faster rate compared to Google.


Lets be honest, Technorati is a valuable property. Technorati was one of the original blog fire starters and has successfully established itself as the largest and most authoritative public blog search service. It’s not so much a question of whether Technorati can compete against Google, but whether Google can compete against Technorati. For instance, we have seen a number of recent enhancements at Technorati, including a noticeable improvement in reliability, but we can’t remember the last new Google feature.

Perhaps Google should pull another YouTube, and buy Technorati before someone else does. Just a thought.

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