• My Last Week at Compete

    After an incredible three and a half years at Compete, I have decided to do it all over again, and go work for a very small start-up. I “graduate” from Compete (now a TNS company) this Friday.

    At Compete, I had the privilege to work with the most incredible, talented, and fun group of people I have ever met — together we worked hard, played hard, believed in and executed on our vision for compete.com, achieved what some thought impossible, delighted clients, pulled all-nighters, and during all that developed special friendships. I learned A LOT, and had a lot of fun. Most of all, I am very proud of the teams accomplishment and what we were able to achieve in a very short duration of time. You can expect a lot of great stuff from Compete in the very near future.

    As you can tell, it was a very hard decision for me personally to leave my fellow Competers, but they are all excited for me and understand that my next opportunity is a big one. Thank you Team Compete for an incredible experience — I love you guys.

    what’s next?

    I will soon be joining David Cancel (founder and former CTO of Compete), Scott Rafer, and the rest of the crew at Lookery, leading Product Development & Strategy.

    About Lookery (blog):

    Lookery provides demographic marketing services in and around social networks. Lookery is in the process of assembling anonymous profiles on 100+ million people. Using this data and Lookery’s 1.5 billion+ page-per-month Facebook ad network, we will raise the price paid for billions of remnant Internet ad impressions each day. Part of that course is becoming the anonymous user data king and expose that via APIs, widgets for site owners, etc. Lookery collects profiles from and with the permission of social networks, dating sites, ISPs, and e-commerce sites.

    A whole new adventure is just about to start, and I am very excited by all the possibilities that lie ahead! …and in case you’re wondering… for now, I am going to be based out of Cambridge, MA.