• Experian – Pricegrabber.com Acquisition?

    Josh Stomel seems to thinks so … [link] Predicted pricetag – $470MM

    Is NexTag next? IACI – NexTag would be interesting, given IACI owns LendingTree/Getsmart. NexTag makes a lot of its money from Home Loan Lead generation..

    UPDATE!: Experian acquires PriceGrabber.com – $485 million

    GUS plc, the retail and business services group, today announces that Experian has acquired PriceGrabber.com, a leading provider of online comparison shopping services in the US. PriceGrabber.com operates in fast-growing markets and complements Experian’s existing operations connecting consumers to companies over the Internet. The purchase price is $485m plus expenses and was funded from GUS’ existing bank facilities. [Link to Press Release]

    Great call Josh on the price and timing! and great call David on calling the match way back in time (link)!