• Culture Matters: Amazon + Zappos

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos explaining his philosophy and commitment to the customer-service culture of Zappos:

    • Obsess over customers. For Amazon, everything starts with the customer. While they pay attention to competitors, they don’t let competitors drive what they do.
    • Invent. Amazon listens to customers, recognizing the need to invent solutions for them, since they can’t do it themselves. Jeff see this as a critical part of what Amazon does — invent on behalf of customers.
    • Think long term. Amazon strategists try to look five years out. They don’t worry about taking actions that, while they might pay immediate dividends for customers, won’t pay off for the company or its investors for five to seven years. They have a willingness to be misunderstood, since so many people only understand short-term needs and short-term thinking.
    • It’s always Day 1. There are always more opportunities to invent more for customers. It’s never over or too late.

    via Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia.