• Bottom-line: Google Video is no match for YouTube

    Originally published on the Compete Blog on 5 Oct 2006
    YouTube vs Google Video

    Yes, I confess. I am a YouTube AND Google Video addict. Heck, so are a lot of other people! In August, 23.7 million US people visited YouTube, while 7.8 million people visited Google Video.

    Do I think one service is better than the other? Absolutely. Which one you ask? YouTube for sure. Why? It’s just better. It has a more involved community, more obscure videos, more interesting videos, better interface, faster uploads, and of course – YouTube IS home to LonelyGirl15. Need I say more?

    But seriously, enough of what I think. What is the people’s verdict?

    • Back in November 2005, Google Video was more popular than YouTube. A whopping 400,000 more people visited Google Video.
    • In August, 15.9 million more people used YouTube vs Google Video! Quite a turn-around!
    • YouTube has grown 483% since January, while Google Video has grown 279%. Wow.
    • Verdict: YouTube is the clear winner in terms of Visitors to the site.

    • People come back to YouTube.. again and again. In August, on average each YouTube user visited the site 4 times over the course of the month. While Google Video visitors returned just 1.6 times.
    • Verdict: YouTube is the clear winner in terms of Frequency of Visits.

    • In August, on average YouTuber’s spent 10 minutes on the site each time they visited, while Google visitors spent around 8 minutes.
    • Verdict: YouTube is again the clear winner in terms of Average Stay per Session.

    More people visit YouTube, they come back to the site more often, and spend more time on the site each time they visit. That is a certifiable triple whammy and a knockout punch rolled into one. The winner of this battle is clearly YouTube by a mile, and then some!

    See NYTimes, Mark Cuban, AVC, Paul K., for additional commentary and opinions.