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  • Try again, again, and again

    … until you find that strength. It matters how you’re going to finish. Incredible.

  • Remember there are 3 kinds of people

    “Remember there are 3 kinds of people; Those that MAKE it happen, those that WATCH it happen, and those that wonder WHAT happened. These startups are people that MAKE it happen. They should be respected and supported by those of us in the later two categories.” — Don Dodge

    Don, well said.

  • Multitasking Roles

    “When we were working on our own startup, back in the 90s, I evolved another trick for partitioning the day. I used to program from dinner till about 3 am every day, because at night no one could interrupt me. Then I’d sleep till about 11 am, and come in and work until dinner on what I called “business stuff.” I never thought of it in these terms, but in effect I had two workdays each day, one on the manager’s schedule and one on the maker’s.”

    Paul Graham, YCombinator

    Wow, this is very similar to my schedule these days.